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SONY PRESS RELEASE : Sony PMW-F5 Bundle Offers Extended
Posted by xdcam on 2014/1/23 21:33:23 (245 reads)

Sony has announced that its very popular bundle offers on the PMW-F5 Super35mm digital cinematography camera have been extended until March 31st, 2014.
Two bundles are available for the standard price of the camera body, with choice of OLED or LCD viewfinders plus a range of accessories included. With the ability to capture stunning HD or 2K images in a range of codecs as standard, plus the option to fit an AXS-R5 recorder for shooting 2K or 4K RAW, the PMW-F5 is the most powerful cinema camera in its class.
Full details are at

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Ver3.0 Firmware Update for Sony F Series
Posted by xdcam on 2014/1/23 21:20:36 (181 reads)

The much anticipated Ver3.0 firmware for Sony’s PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 Super35mm digital cinematography cameras was released at the start of this month. Ver3.0 adds close to thirty new features including Slow & Quick variable frame rate control over the cameras’ high speed shooting functions.
This now allows shooting at up to 180fps in HD and 2K plus the option of 240fps in 2K with the addition of the AXS-R5 RAW recorder. Other new additions include User LUTs, new S-Log3/S-Gamut3 log curve and colour gamut, QFHD (3840 x 2160) recording, Centre Scan mode for Super16mm lenses and AES/EBU audio inputs.
Full details are available on the Sony F55/F5 online Community at ... on-3-0/m-p/255067#U255067

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Sony 3-chip HXR-NX3 camcorder now shipping
Posted by xdcam on 2014/1/23 21:17:45 (243 reads)

Announced at the end of last year, Sony’s new 3-chip HXR-NX3 camcorder has now started shipping to dealers in Australia and New Zealand. This latest member of the NXCAM family is priced at $3,999 including GST (NZD$4,699 including GST) and offers a 20X optical zoom plus a wealth of powerful and innovative features. The HXR-NX3 is ideally suited to any production application seeking a simple to operate but high performance professional camcorder at a very keen price - such as event videographers, education and corporate production. Sony pro dealers are also offering a special deal on the ECM-VG1 shotgun microphone, when purchased with the HXR-NX3 camcorder. Sony authorised Content Creation dealers are listed at

Posted by xdcam on 2013/12/10 17:29:06 (306 reads)

Sony launches new NXCAM™ HXR-NX3 professional handheld HD camcorder with Exmor™ 3CMOS image sensors

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Sydney, 10 December 2013
: Sony today announced the HXR-NX3 handheld HD camcorder, the latest addition to the NXCAM line-up. Perfect for the professional videographer, the HXR-NX3 combines Sony’s exceptional imaging technology with the ability to connect seamlessly with other devices such as smartphones or tablet computers, with built-in WiFi technology allowing the camcorder to be controlled remotely.

The HXR-NX3 combines class-leading lens, sensor and LSI technologies to achieve impressive image quality. Sony’s Exmor™ 3CMOS sensor system with three 1/2.8” sensors provides a 1920x1080 Full HD effective pixel count. As a result red, blue and green light are independently and accurately captured by separate image sensors, contributing to high resolution, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range that creates extraordinary natural colour reproduction. A newly developed LSI that includes advanced noise reduction and several distortion correction technologies handles image processing, allowing clear, low-noise recordings to be captured, even in low light.

Sony’s G Lens delivers stunning image quality as well as a wide zoom range that offers a 28.8mm angle of view at the wide end, with a 20x optical zoom range that will easily cover most shooting situations.
In addition, the newly developed LSI contains leading-edge 40x “Clear Image Zoom” technology, which offers 1152mm(*1) focal length with virtually the same quality as optical zoom. The LSI also includes advanced noise reduction and several distortion correction technologies to handle image processing and deliver notable improvements in image quality. As a result, the recorded images are remarkably lifelike in both texture and detail.

The HXR-NX3 records video in AVCHD 2.0 format, which includes 1080/50P, for smooth, natural subject motion. 50i and 25p modes provide playback compatibility with Blu-ray players. The HDMI connector provides uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2 while shooting and allows users to record stunning images to 3rd-party external video recorders. The ability to record in DV format is also provided for users who prefer a DV workflow and who need to work in a DV-compatible non-linear editing environment.

As well as outstanding imaging capabilities, the HXR-NX3 can connect effortlessly with other devices to be controlled remotely or transfer footage. iOS (versions 4.3 through 7.0) and Android (versions 2.3 through 4.3) smartphones or tablet computers can be used to remotely control the HXR-NX3 through a WiFi connection and video files can be transferred from camcorder to smartphone(*2). Remote control features include:

• Monitoring of camera material on the smartphone display
• Record start/stop
• Zoom
• Iris
• Touch AF (Auto Focus) function

The HXR-NX3 is capable of light MP4 file simultaneous recording. MP4 (720p, 3Mbps) is a network-friendly file that can be transferred wirelessly from the camcorder to a smartphone or tablet computer with the PlayMemories™ Mobile smartphone application (*3). Once transferred, the MP4 file can be uploaded to a cloud server, social media, video share site and other platforms (*4). PlayMemories™ Mobile can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store.

The HXR-NX3 also has a leading edge NFC (Near Field Communication) chipset which allows users to establish a WiFi connection simply by touching an NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet computer on the camcorder.

Nick Buchner, Senior Product Manager, Sony Australia & New Zealand, said: “The HXR-NX3 is a fantastic addition to the Sony NXCAM line-up particularly for filmmakers working on corporate, event, wedding and education videos. We also expect the MP4 function to make it a hit with web journalists who need to share images with colleagues as quickly as possible, while the WiFi remote and built-in LED video light help make shooting interviews easier. The HXR-NX3 is destined to become the ‘go to’ camcorder in the handheld field. As you would expect, it includes outstanding imaging capabilities that allow videographers to capture stunning footage in a range of environments. A wide range of additional features make the HXR-NX3 the perfect camera for any videographer looking for high quality performance, flexibility and ease of use.”

The HXR-NX3 also comes with a number of additional features for versatility when shooting and to minimise the need for additional equipment. The camcorder can capture footage in both slow and quick motion in full HD quality, with 2x slow motion and 50x quick motion easily achievable. Dual media slots allow simultaneous recording to two SD memory cards in ‘Simul’ mode, while ‘Relay’ mode switches recording automatically to the second memory card when the first is full. The two cards can also be controlled independently from two recording buttons. This flexible control allows users to start/stop recording on one memory card, while continuing to record on the other, for proof recording (*5). A built in LED video light is also included above the camcorder microphone, for convenient illumination in a wide range of shooting situations (*6).

The HXR-NX3 will be available in Australia and New Zealand from the end of January 2014.

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Charles Sturt Studio Upgrade
Posted by xdcam on 2013/11/15 2:07:18 (276 reads)

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Major equipment purchases and studio upgrade

Sydney, 14 November 2013 – Charles Sturt University (CSU)’s Wagga Wagga Campus delivers a unique course in Broadcast Television Production, titled Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television Production). This course has run in various guises for more than 20 years and has become a key provider of operationally ready graduates for the television and related industries. The Wagga Wagga Campus houses a three-camera purpose-built multi-cam studio, 12 edit suites, 3 audio suites, 20 field camera kits and a six-camera HD outside broadcast truck. With the studio facility due for a technical upgrade, CSU took the opportunity to bring it up to full HD production standards, a process that involved a significant amount of Sony equipment and one of Sony’s top Australian dealers, Videocraft.

CSU’s Television Production team explained, “We replaced the entire video chain in the studio including cameras, vision mixer, router, prompters, interfacing (glue) and recording and playback systems. The new equipment was required to be of an operationally equivalent standard to that commonly in use in the industry while fitting within our budgets and it needed to be reliable given that refits are approximately 10 years apart.”

Following an initial in-house design stage, Sony National Account Manager Randall Titus and Videocraft Sales Manager for the ACT and Southern NSW James Gilchrist worked closely with the CSU team in researching and proposing various products to meet the university’s requirements.

Patrick Sproule, who until recently was in charge of the television program at CSU, said that “Sony and Videocraft also negotiated on our behalf, seeking industry support for our course and endeavours through considerable discounts and or specification upgrades in an effort to help us meet both our budgetary and industry relevance requirements. Randall and James also organised product demonstrations both on-campus and at the SMPTE Conference and Exhibition in July in order to allow us to evaluate each device against our needs.”

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Aerials shot with Sony PMW-F5 Super35mm Camera
Posted by xdcam on 2013/11/14 1:50:00 (293 reads)

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Sydney, 12 November 2013 – Aerial Film Australia (AFA) recently used of one of the world's most advanced stabilised gimbals for aerial cinematography - the Shotover K1 - combined with a Sony PMW-F5 camera to shoot the prestigious Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review from above Sydney Harbour.

AFA’s aerial cinematographer Peter Beeh explained, “The Shotover K1 gimbal delivers highly stabilised aerial images and is designed to take almost any kind of modern digital camera package. In particular it can carry large sensor cameras and cinema camera payloads. The producers asked me if AFA could help with this shoot and what camera I would suggest. As it was a night time presentation, the producers were particularly interested in using a large sensor camera in order to benefit from better low light performance, especially given that we would be showing wide angle city and harbour scapes. After extensive testing, and keeping in mind that the material would need to be used in a live feed and also for archiving purposes, I tested numerous cameras in detail. After all were assessed, the Sony PMW-F5 clearly proved to be the best overall camera for this shoot.”

As the biggest event seen in Sydney Harbour for many years the Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review 2013 attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. For Peter Beeh and AFA the brief to help shoot a live broadcast of the event stressed three main criteria.

Beeh added, “The ABC’s producers wanted high quality images and the best possible low light performance. We also had to be able to deliver a live HD feed and CCU camera control. The PMW-F5 met all those requirements and on the low light performance measure it simply excelled. The night time pictures were just jaw dropping, outperforming all other cameras on the broadcast including the leading studio OB rigs.”

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Even for an experienced aerial cinematographer such as Peter Beeh night time shoots can pose many challenges. Beeh’s decision to use the Sony PMW-F5 and Shotover K1 combination however paid dividends on the night.

Beeh continued, “I knew a large sensor camera would be better than a traditional 2/3" camera, but the improvement in performance in low light conditions had to be seen to be believed. The pictures from the F5 just sparkled. The Shotover system also introduced a fabulous new shot dynamic.”

Built on the success of Sony's PMW-F3, the F5 was developed in close consultation with DOPs across the globe and is well known as a camera that offers cinematographers a wide range of recording options in HD, 2K or 4K.

Commenting on the versatility of the Sony F5 during the Navy review Peter Beeh concluded, “The F5 camera is highly flexible and we were able to use it very much like one would a conventional video camera in an outside broadcast context. However, we were also able to record some additional shots separate to the broadcast and treat it much more like you would treat a cine camera to achieve a higher quality finish, including the ability to work with high frame rates up to 240fps. This was particularly useful for me on this shoot because rigging the camera into the Shotover mount takes a couple of hours and there wasn't time to change cameras. I’m delighted to say that the ABC was thrilled with the results and we received plenty of positive feedback from the production.”

For more information and footage of Aerial Film Australia using the Shotover K1 combined with a Sony PMW-F5 - camera go to:

Picture credits:

Aerial Film Australia’s Shotover K1 stabilised gimbal combined with a Sony PMW-F5 camera

The Royal Australian Navy International Fleet Review 2013 shot by AFA from above Sydney Harbour

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Sony F5 F55 Version 2 Release
Posted by xdcam on 2013/10/31 22:20:00 (281 reads)

An overview of the V2 release for F5 and F55 from Sony Pro USA.

Andy Shipsides from AbleCine also has a closer look at Version 2 AbleCine

SONY PRESS RELEASE : FS700R Metabones Lens Adapter Offer Extended
Posted by xdcam on 2013/10/26 3:09:02 (287 reads)

Offer extended:
Purchase a NEX-FS700R or NEX-FS700RH prior to 30th Novmeber 2013 a receive a free Meta bones Metabones EF Lens Adapter *Please note that the lens adapter will not ship with the camera* Promotion ends Nov 30th 2013 or when stock runs out.

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Sony announces NEX-FS700R NXCAM camcorder with 4K/2K RAW recording at IBC2013
Posted by xdcam on 2013/9/13 8:18:08 (460 reads)

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IBC, Amsterdam, Sept. 13, 2013: Sony today announced two new professional NXCAM camcorders, the NEX-FS700RH and the NEX-FS700R. Both models feature Sony’s E-mount lens system and a 4K Exmor Super35 CMOS sensor and now come with Version 3.0 firmware pre-installed, enabling 4K/2K RAW recording on an external compatible recorder. The firmware update also includes the popular S-log2 gamma mode which gives a wider dynamic range, even for HD productions.

The NEX-FS700RH comes with a new motorised SELP18200 (f = 18-200mm, F3.5-6.3) zoom lens. The inbuilt zoom control on the camera grip enables users to combine smooth zooming effects with the stunning shallow depth of field control offered by the large format sensor.

The NEX-FS700R/RH also offers 4K/2K RAW super slow motion when the NEX-FS700R/RH is used together with the optional HXR-IFR5 interface unit and AXS-R5 RAW recorder. This combination allows up to 120fps 4K RAW recording (four seconds) and unlimited continuous 240fps 2K RAW recording on the AXS-R5 recorder.
“These new camcorders build on the phenomenal success of the NEX-FS700E across a huge range of applications – from corporate production to broadcast television, commercials and movies,” said Bill Drummond, Strategic Marketing Manager, Entry Level Production. “The phenomenal possibilities offered by the Version 3.0 firmware and the NEX-FS700RH’s powered zoom lens further cement the position of the camera as the most highly featured, cost effective creative tool on the market.”

The NEX-FS700R/RH will be available from October through authorised Sony Professional Solution Specialist dealers.

For existing NEX-FS700E/EK users, Sony is offering a firmware upgrade service, which includes product collection, installation of the Version 3.0 firmware, basic sensor cleaning and product return.

Key features of the NEX-FS700R and NEX-FS700RH

1. Up to 10x super slow motion in Full HD (120/240fps)
Thanks to the high-speed readout of the Exmor Super35 CMOS sensor, recording at Full HD (1920×1080) at 120fps or 240fps is possible. Using playback at 24fps (24p), up to 10x super slow motion images can be obtained.
* Applies to recording for approx. eight seconds with the 240fps setting.
The camcorder’s high-sensitivity and low-noise performance ensures images are bright – ideal for super slow motion shooting that once required large scale equipment. Recording at the faster speeds of 480fps and 960fps is also possible with reduced resolution.

2. High-resolution Exmor Super35 CMOS sensor and 4K RAW recording
With approximately 11.6 million pixels, the Exmor sensor is capable of capturing 4K resolution images. 4K/2K RAW recording is possible using the optional HXR-IFR5 interface unit and AXS-R5 RAW recorder. The 3G-SDI connector in the NEX-FS700R/RH gives 4K/2K signals to the HXR-IFR5 and is recorded as RAW data on the AXS-R5. In the 4K (4096×2160) RAW recording mode, it’s possible to do four second burst recording at 120fps. In the 2K (2048×1080) RAW recording mode, it’s possible to do continuous recording at 240fps. The workflow for recorded RAW data is the same as when using Sony’s PMW-F55/5 CineAlta 4K camera and an AXS-R5.
3. Sony’s E-mount system for flexible lens choice
The E-mount interchangeable lens system accommodates the large Super35mm sensor and is ideal for motion picture shooting. Auto Focus, Auto Exposure and Shake Reduction can also be used during shooting. Another advantage of the E-mount-system is its short flange back distance (the distance between the lens mount surface and the image sensor). This enables the mounting of not only Sony’s E-mount lenses but also Sony’s A-mount lenses by using an LA-EA2 mount adapter. In addition, a wide range of third party companies’ lens adapters lets professionals use most of their existing lenses such as DSLR lenses for more creative results.

The NEX-FS700RH comes with the SELP1800 E-mount powered motor zoom lens which offers approx. 11x (f = 18-200mm, F3.5-6.3) and smooth zooming control.

4. Inbuilt ND filter for shallow depth of field shooting even under bright conditions
The inbuilt ND filter enables shallow depth of field shooting even in bright conditions without reducing the aperture. It’s possible to select four positions from Clear including 1/4(2eV), 1/16(4eV) and 1/64(6eV).

5. 1080p progressive output from 3G HD-SDI and HDMI connector
Native 1080p progressive video signals can be sent from the 3G-SDI and HDMI without a pull-down process, which allows users to capture the uncompressed 4:2:2 1080p onto a compatible external recorder. Simultaneous HD-SDI and HDMI outputs are also possible and both embed Time Code and REC control signals. With the latest firmware Version 3.0 there is now a function which enables a recording to start and stop on a compatible external third-party SDI recorder when the REC button is pressed on NEX-FS700R/RH. In addition, and uniquely to Sony, this function is also possible when using compatible third-party HDMI recorders.

6. Picture Profile function
Picture Profile can change the parameters that determine image characteristics such as gamma curve, black level and colour tone. It allows users to easily try more creative expressions in the field and gives them flexibility over colour grading work. There’s also S-log2, a popular gamma mode in digital cinema production, which achieves a dynamic range of 1,300%. S-log2 can not only be applied for monitoring during RAW recording but also for AVCHD recording, taking advantage of the camcorder’s wide dynamic range. Picture Profile parameters and other camera settings can be stored on a memory card as camera profile data. The stored camera profile can then be recalled instantly or can be copied to another NEX-FS700R to assure image tones are matched when using a multi-camera setup.

7. Modular design enabling a wide range of shooting styles
The camera’s modular design allows users to choose different shooting styles easily. The handle, grip and viewfinder (all supplied) can be removed in order to use the camera in compact form or with a variety of shooting accessories.

8. Hybrid recording capability
Attaching an HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit (sold separately) enables HD recording on both the HXR-FMU128 and a memory card at the same time. The HXR-FMU128 can be attached directly to the camera for over 10 hours of continuous recording, making it a powerful tool for backing up important footage onto memory card.

SONY PRESS RELEASE : F55 Taken To Extremes
Posted by xdcam on 2013/9/9 20:11:23 (392 reads)

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ydney, 10 September 2013 – Sydney-based lighting cameraman Gavin Rawlings has covered more amazingly diverse terrain than many other people, much of it in Australia and recently all of it captured with his new Sony PMW-F55 camera which he purchased from Lemac Australia.

Rawlings explained, “I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of remote area traveling with the Sony F55 camera lately. My first shoot with the F55 was in the Simpson Desert earlier on in the year. After that I was sent up to the top of Australia to Cape York where we filmed on both the east and west side of the Cape then made our way over to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Some of the 4K images I was able to capture up there were absolutely stunning! I’ve also taken the F55 to northwest Australia to film in the Pilbara as well as Australia’s southwest where we followed a river system in 4WDs through a 10,000-hectare property. One of my favourite shoots with the F55 was over in Vietnam a couple of months ago. The image quality of the F55 really blew my clients away which I was extremely happy about.”

Rawlings’ decision to purchase his F55 began late last year when he was looking to purchase a whole new camera kit, almost settling on an alternative system before considering the F55.

Rawlings continued, “I started hearing rumours about the new ‘F’ camera and decided to hold off on my purchase until I found out more about it. I’m glad I did. The features that were available in the F55 just blew me away. Multiple resolutions, a variety of codecs, high frame rates, the list goes on. The nature of my work means I get to travel to a lot of places most people will never see. The idea of having a 4K camera with me to capture these locations in all their beauty really excited me. After talking with the producers at work they too were very keen to see what this camera was capable of.”
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Rawlings particularly wanted a 4K camera with high frame rates. Due to the often remote and unpredictable nature of his work he also needed a robust camera that could withstand harsh elements.

Rawlings added, “The F55 met my requirements whilst at the same time offering a lot more. The Super 35mm sensor, extremely wide colour gamut, SLog2 gamma and RAW recording means that I have a camera that’s incredibly versatile and suits a wider client base. In the Simpson Desert we were shooting in temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius and the F55 had no problems. Not all of my work requires 4K just yet but that doesn’t stop me from taking advantage of its versatility, for instance I find myself using 4K for reframing shots in a HD workflow. I also love the idea of capturing unique and remote locations in the largest frame size I can for stock footage. On top of that, Sony’s new XAVC format means 4K is a lot more manageable now. This is very handy for remote area work where we have storage limitations. I also chose to buy Sony’s AXS-R5 RAW recorder because I wanted to unlock the F55 to its highest quality and fastest frame rates. Also, having a 16-bit linear RAW file is a lot of fun to play around with in post.”

As an owner/operator in a challenging environment Rawlings has built up and appreciates a good working relationship with the team at Sony Australia. He added, “Like many other cameramen, I’m a one man band a lot of the time. I really like the fact that Sony has supported me well and taken a keen interest in my experiences and travels with the F55. They’ve even invited me to check out my footage at their headquarters on an 85 inch 4K TV which I thought was pretty cool.”

Gavin Rawlings is a Sydney based lighting cameraman. For more information on Gavin Rawlings go to:

Picture credits:

Sydney based lighting cameraman Gavin Rawlings with his Sony PMW-F55 camera in various locations across Australia.

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