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SONY PRESS RELEASE : 4K Recording Soon For FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2013/4/7 22:41:31 (736 reads)

Sony to launch HXR-IFR5 Interface Unit that Realises 4K recording on the NEX-FS700

SYDNEY, 07 April 2013 – Sony today announced the launch of the new HXR-IFR5 interface unit which will

connect the NEX-FS700 camcorder and the AXS-R5 RAW recorder. With this combination, 4K RAW recording

will be available with the NEX-FS700.

By applying a firmware upgrade to the NEX-FS700, 4K/2K RAW output via the 3G HD-SDI terminal will be

available. The new HXR-IFR5 interface unit is equipped with an SDI terminal that can be used to input RAW

data from the camcorder and pass the data to the AXS-R5 RAW recorder. AXS-R5 is able to record RAW data

onto an AXS memory card.

The frame rates in 4K (4096x2160) recording mode are 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p and 60p. In 4K mode, 120fps high

speed recording will be available for a limited duration of approximately 4 seconds. In 2K (2048x1080) recording

mode, continuous 240fps and 120fps shooting will be available at unlimited durations.

The workflow to process RAW data will be exactly the same as the RAW workflow used in the combination of the

existing CineAlta™ 4K cameras, PMW-F55/F5, and the AXS-R5.

Expectation of access to and interest in 4K is becoming greater, even in the low cost content creation market.

The combination of HXR-IFR5 with the NEX-FS700 and the AXS-R5 will be a perfect choice, and will expand the

possibilities of content creation to the next level.

Basic Features of HXR-IFR5

External RAW recorder for NEX-FS700 via SDI

The AXS-R51 docked onto the HXR-IFR5 will become an external RAW recorder for the NEX-FS7002.

Connection with the NEX-FS700 will use a single 3G HD-SDI cable, therefore various shooting styles are

possible. The NEX-FS700 can become a camera head when used separately, or it can be used like a camcorder

if the whole system is mounted onto a rig. Sony has provided a 1/4 inch screw hole for those kinds of rig

solutions. HXR-IFR5 will use the power source on the AXS-R5, and the AXS-R5 can be powered by a BP-FL75

lithium ion battery pack or an external DC 12V power source using the XLR 4 pin power input.

16 bit linear RAW recording onto the AXS memory card

The combination of the HXR-IFR5 and the AXS-R5 makes recording 16-bit linear RAW files onto an AXS

memory card possible. Thanks to the 16-bit linear RAW recording, the full potential of the 4K imager on the NEX-

FS700 – its broad latitude and high colour resolution – can be captured in the recorded RAW files.

Using the AXS-CR1 card reader, recorded RAW files can be easily transferred to a PC and the “RAW Viewer 3”

software provided by Sony used to view, process and also do some simple colour grading on the files. Not only

high quality motion picture footage, but high resolution 8.4M still pictures can also be captured.

4K/2K high speed shooting

Other than 4K (4096x2160) recording at 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p, 120fps recording in 4K resolution is available

for approximately 4 seconds. Also, in 2K (2048x1080) recording mode, 240fps/120fps high speed continuous

recording is available for unlimited time. These high speed recording modes4 are only possible with the

combination of NEX-FS700, HXR-IFR5 and the AXS-R5.

AVCHD simultaneous recording on NEX-FS700

Even in RAW recording mode5, NEX-FS700 can simultaneously record AVCHD onto the camera’s memory card.

The recorded AVCHD files will have the same time code as the RAW files, meaning the AVCHD files can be

used as proxy files for off-line editing.

HD output for monitoring

HDMI/component/composite video outputs on the NEX-FS700 and the AUX OUT of the AXS-R5 can be used for

monitoring purposes. In order to achieve accurate monitoring of the wide dynamic range made possible by RAW

recording, Sony has added S-Log2 settings to the picture profile of the NEX-FS700.

* Note: The gamma setting cannot be set individually for each video out/LCD panel/AVCHD recording.

The HXR-IFR5 interface unit will be available from the end of June 2013 onwards.

AXS-R5 will need an updated firmware version which will be provided by the time of the sales of HXR-IFR5.
will need a service upgrade (charged option).

SONY PRESS RELEASE : F65 Shoot With Birds of Tokyo Lanterns
Posted by xdcam on 2013/3/25 7:53:06 (504 reads)

Music video shot exclusively with Sony F65 camera High-end Sony F65 camera system and efficient post workflow
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Sydney, 25 March 2013 – Sydney-based NZ DOP Callan Green recently finished shooting Lanterns a music video for Birds of Tokyo, one of Australia’s hottest bands, exclusively on the Sony flagship F65 4K camera.

Green who collaborated with Director Josh Logue specifically chose the F65 due to its picture quality and ease of workflow saying, “Josh and I wanted to shoot Lanterns anamorphically. As a Sony F65 owner operator I could make this happen cost effectively and still keep the look we wanted.”

Green and Logue scouted locations around Sydney settling on the Arts School in Darlinghurst for the main shooting day and several different locations across the city over the next three days for the video’s narrative.

Green continued, “We wanted to shoot in as much natural light as possible so the F65 was perfect as it handles all lighting scenarios so well, especially high and low key situations. Shooting anamorphic with the F65 is a dream as there is just so much resolution to play with, also the sensitivity of the sensor negates any stop loss due to the slower speeds of the older anamorphics. To help get the look we wanted I shot with a set of 1980’s Russian Lomo lenses. This combination of old glass and new camera technology contributed to our images being a little bit unusual and luring.”

Sony’s F65 has rapidly been growing in popularity since its launch with recent upgrades to the camera and developments to the workflow making shooting and post production simpler, easier and more efficient.

Callan Green added, “The F65 allowed us to shoot Lanterns wherever and whenever we wanted as it’s so good in every lighting situation that you could encounter. By using the internal ND filters we could shoot organically without using any additional bulky matte boxes. The 4K images really are incredible but that wasn’t the end of the story. The workflow is the icing on the cake. Whilst people are often reluctant to learn new things it really is worth the time to learn the Sony F65’s workflow if you haven’t already. Firstly it’s intuitive and doesn’t take long at all. For Lanterns I used a MacBook Pro and free downloadable copy of DaVinci Resolve Lite 9 to do all the transcoding, de-anamorphasising and cropping, which rendered out QuickTime Lite files at around 15-20 frames per second. Having shot many TVCs, promos and short films with the F65 I can honestly say it is an astonishingly good camera to work with.”

To see the Birds of Tokyo Lanterns music video go to:
Callan Green DOP:

Picture credits:
Stills from the Birds of Tokyo Lanterns music video

SONY PRESS RELEASE : 1st Australian Drama Series Shot On F65 – Sony Press Release
Posted by xdcam on 2013/3/11 20:25:54 (540 reads)

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The crew on the set of A Place to Call Home (l-r) Cisco Vecuna, Jason Binnie, David Williamson, John Stokes ACS, Troy Reichman, Onni Elliot and Luke Nixon on the set of A Place to Call Home
First Australian drama series – A Place to Call Home – shot exclusively with Sony F65 cameras Production utilises high-end Sony F65 camera system and efficient post workflow

Sydney, 11 March 2013 – A Place to Call Home, the Seven Network’s upcoming television drama starring Noni Hazlehurst and created by Bevan Lee and the producers of Packed to the Rafters and Winners & Losers, is the first Australian series to be shot exclusively with Sony’s flagship F65 4K camera. Director of Photography on A Place To Call Home – a series described as a ”compelling melodrama about love and loss set against the social change of the 1950s” – was John Stokes ACS who explained the rationale behind choosing the F65, “I had been using Sony F35s on Packed to the Rafters and I was curious to see what the F65 offered as a camera system. After a lot of research and testing I came to the conclusion that this would be a perfect system to shoot the new Seven flagship TV series A Place to Call Home. I liked the look of the images coming out of the F65 in both HD and RAW. The colours looked natural and rich. The images looked crisp yet not unnaturally sharp. The workflow also proved to be a big plus working with the SR Codec.” The Sony F65s for A Place to Call Home were supplied by Lemac Australia’s Sydney office, a Sony Content Creation dealer and supplier of equipment, production support, post and technical services for digital cinema, broadcast, TV and film projects. Stokes continued, “The production values for A Place to Call Home were very high so we really needed a camera and an equipment supplier to match. The F65 proved itself to be fast, flexible, have very high image quality and critically a simple and stable post workflow. It really helped me as a DP to work faster knowing that I had confidence in tight situations. Lemac offered very good on and off set support which was also a great help throughout the shoot.”

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Posted by xdcam on 2013/2/26 7:19:56 (509 reads)

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Sydney, 26Feb 2013
First deliveries of the highly anticipated new F Series cameras from Sony started shipping to dealers in Australia and New Zealand this week.

Featuring 4K Super35mm sensors, multiple codec recording choices and a design that is the result of wide consultation with top cinematographers, the new F Series was announced late last year and promises to set a new benchmark in performance, flexibility and price.

Nick Buchner, Sony’s Senior Product Manager - Content Creation, said “We’re very pleased that the advance demand for both the new PMW-F55 and PMW-5 models has been so high locally. It’s been the same story around the world and stocks will further ramp up over coming weeks, so that hopefully all orders can be satisfied before the end of March.” He added, “We know there are a lot of DoPs and operators just itching to get their hands on the new models and put them to work - and we’re working hard to secure as many as we can!”

More details on the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 are available at

Posted by xdcam on 2013/2/21 21:11:39 (461 reads)

SYDNEY, 21 February 2013 – Continuing its trend of swiftly bringing to market high quality pro camera accessories for the latest DSLRs and digital cameras, ARRI has released accessories for Sony’s new F5 and F55 cameras, making them fully compatible with ARRI support and all industry-standard matte box and follow focus systems.
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ARRI Base Plate
Designed specifically for the Sony F5 and F55, this ARRI base plate makes the cameras compatible with lightweight support standards and includes a built-in "Touch and Go 35" plate. With this, the camera can be mounted to a head or anything else with a standard quick release plate, allowing it to be quickly and safely secured – for example in between takes when shooting handheld. Two ARRI rosettes extend out to the sides of the base plate in order to attach handgrip systems and extensions. For studio configuration, the base plate accepts studio bridge plates such as ARRI’s BP-8 or BP-9.
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ARRI Top Plate
The ARRI top plate for Sony F5 and F55 cameras is designed to offer multiple mounting interfaces for accessories. An ARRI handle can be attached at three different positions to optimize balance, although the original Sony handle remains compatible. With its multiple centred interfaces, the top plate can also be used as a low mode plate for Steadicam shots. An optional 15 mm lightweight support rod adapter can be attached to the front of the plate, optically centred to the camera.

ARRI Viewfinder Adapter
The Viewfinder Adapter VFA-1 allows the mounting of Sony viewfinders to all ARRI 3/8-16" interfaces.

ARRI Shoulder Pad
This shoulder pad mounts to the bottom of Sony F5 and F55 cameras via a hand screw and can be used independently of a base plate. When used alongside the ARRI base plate, the shoulder pad can remain in place even when the camera is secured to a head via the base plate’s built-in "Touch and Go" quick release system.

XDCAM NEWS : What Now For The FS-700?
Posted by xdcam on 2012/12/19 20:30:00 (569 reads)

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Interesting article on why you shouldn't dismiss the Sony FS700. It still ranks as one of the best cameras released this year.
Full Story: REDSHARK

INNOVATION : Sony Future Now Sydney Launch Of F5, F55
Posted by xdcam on 2012/12/12 19:50:00 (708 reads)

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Just some of the large crowd at the Sydney launch of Sony's CineAlta 4K sensor F5 and F55 cameras.

On display was an F55 kitted out with Fuji Zoom making it look and feel it could tackle ENG, reality type projects to major drama shoots.

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The audience were wowed by a demonstration from Ben Allan ACS of how the F55 could recover an image from 1 to 5 stops of both under and overexposed. This alone makes the camera a stand out in today's current crop of digital cameras.

Australian list prices were revealed for the first time. The F5 for $18K and the F55 $35K. First orders to arrive around mid February.

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Australian Launch Of Sony PMW-F5 and F55
Posted by xdcam on 2012/11/20 8:40:00 (811 reads)

Sony Australia will launch the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5
in Sydney:
Wed 12th DEC 2012
in Melbourne
Thurs 13th DEC 2012


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SONY PRESS RELEASE : Sony's New 4K Camera Systems
Posted by xdcam on 2012/10/30 3:20:00 (691 reads)

Sony grows large sensor camera family with new 4K camera systems
New PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 camera models, plus new RAW recorder, PL lenses, viewfinders, battery and
recording media expand Sony’s line of end-to-end 4K acquisition solutions

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Sydney, 30 October 2012 – Sony is unveiling two new CineAlta™ 4K cameras, complemented by a full line of accessories. The new cameras - models PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 - have a modular and compact design for easy configuration, and each features a new type of 4K Super 35mm image sensor with a 4096 x 2160 resolution (11.6M total pixels).

“These two new models join a family of Sony large-sensor cameras that complement each other and deliver powerful new capabilities to cinematographers working at every level of production,” said Nick Buchner, Senior Product Manager, Content Creation with Sony Australia and New Zealand. “They fill a critical gap in large-sensor acquisition between Sony’s PMW-F3 camcorder and F65 digital motion picture camera, and give content creators new levels of flexibility and creative options for shooting in HD, 2K, 4K and beyond. The total line-up, with our new accessories, further underscores Sony’s commitment to supporting every aspect of the highest-quality professional workflows.”

New F65 features and future upgrades
The 20 megapixel F65 remains the flagship of Sony’s large sensor acquisition technology. The 8K sensor-equipped F65 continues to evolve, with new features designed to keep it at the high end of professional digital imaging. The most recent feature update (Ver2.0) includes a new high frame rate mode for 8K 16-bit Linear RAW recording at 120P to deliver stunning 4K images with super smooth slow motion capabilities, as well as the SR codec updated to 12-bit. The Ver2.0 upgrade was also released for Sony’s SR-R4 recorder, as well as the SR-PC4 transfer station to enable 1.5 times faster than real-time transfer speed of 8K 16-bit linear RAW files. Future upgrades to the F65 will deliver higher than 4K RGB resolution, paint and remote control, and interfacing with the new OLED viewfinder, among other features strongly desired by the production community.

New F55 and F5 Cameras

The new CineAlta 4K cameras deliver unprecedented creative options for HD/2K*/QFHD*/4K (F55) and 2K*/HD (F5) production. Both offer multi-codec support: the new XAVC MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format, the SR codec (MPEG4 SStP), and the well-established XDCAM 50Mbps 4:2:2 codec. In-camera recording uses Sony’s latest SxS media, “SxS PRO+” (Plus) - on the F55 for 4K:60p:422 10-bit XAVC and HD:422 10-bit XAVC high frame rate shooting, and on the F5 for HD XAVC and HD high frame rate.

Both cameras are further distinguished by wide (14 stops) exposure latitude, high sensitivity and low noise. The F55 adds a global shutter to eliminate rolling shutter skew and flash banding, and uses the same colour filter with ultra-wide colour gamut as the F65, for highly accurate colour reproduction.

In conjunction with the new RAW recorder AXS-R5, high frame rate capability allows cinematographers to capture super slow-motion imagery in up to 4K RAW file on newly developed AXS memory -- up to 240fps** with the F55 and up to 120 fps** with the F5.

The F55 can further be connected to the new 4K 30-inch LCD monitor, PVM-X300 using four 3G-SDI interfaces for 4096 x 2160 up to 60p live monitoring while recording XAVC 4K and for playback of XAVC 4K images. Similarly, it is also possible to connect directly to Sony’s new 84” BRAVIA 4K LED TV for large-screen monitoring of the camera’s 4K 60P images (at resized horizontal resolution of 3860 pixels).

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PL lens system – the second generation

The F55 and F5 cameras continue Sony’s efforts to offer the most flexible lens options. PL-mount prime cine lens technology lets users choose cine optics from Angénieux, ARRI, Canon, Carl Zeiss, Cooke, FUJIFILM and Leica.

Representing Sony’s second generation of cost-effective PL mount prime lenses, each is specified for 4K capture, while minimising geometric distortion, vignetting and breathing. A 9-blade iris delivers beautiful bokeh and the focus rings rotate 240°. The new lens series includes focal lengths of 20, 25, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm. For easy lens changes, each has the same T2.0 aperture, the same external diameter, matte box diameter, and gear locations for follow focus and aperture. All are the same height except for the 135mm.

Cinematographers can also use lenses originally designed for still photography, by removing the supplied PL-mount adaptor to reveal the cameras’ native FZ mount. This makes it easy to accept commercially available adaptors for third-party lenses, including Canon® EF, Canon FD, Nikon® DX, Nikon G, Leica® M and even 2/3-inch broadcast B4 lenses. A third option is the use of Sony FZ-Mount lenses with auto focus servo zoom such as Sony’s 18~252mm SCL-Z18X140.


Using a new digital interface, F5 and F55 users can take advantage of a new series of high-quality OLED and LCD viewfinders. The DVF-EL100 measures 0.7-inches with 1280 x 720 HD resolution, superb brightness, contrast and response. The DVF-L350 3.5-inch LCD viewfinder offers 10 times the contrast of previous Sony LCD viewfinders, with a flip-up eyepiece for direct monitoring. A third option is the Full HD DVF-L700. This compact 7-inch LCD viewfinder enables high resolution when shooting in 2K and 4K, with pixel- to-pixel 1920 x 1080 representation of HD images.

New in-camera recording media
SxS PRO+ (PLUS) Recording Media

Both new cameras support Sony’s new high-speed, enhanced versions of its SxS PRO memory cards: the “SxS PRO+” (PLUS) series - in 128 and 64 GB capacities, models SBP-128B and SBP-64B. Based on the format long established in Sony’s XDCAM EX camcorders, the cards support XAVC 4K and XAVC HD high frame rate recording, and can be directly inserted into the cameras.

New RAW Recording System

Sony is also unveiling the AXSM™ Access Memory System for 2K*/4K RAW recording, based on Sony’s unique recording technology. Optimised for this new platform is the AXSM memory card (512GB capacity, model AXS-512S24), using the generic file system exFAT. Users can record 4K RAW data up to 60 fps and 2K RAW up to 240 fps**, with a 300MB/s (2.4Gbps) sustained recording speed. PC-friendly operation is enabled through use of the AXS-CR1 card reader, offering a USB 3.0 interface for high speed transfer.

Additionally, the new AXS-R5 RAW recorder directly docks onto the F5 and F55, for an extremely elegant and compact recording solution for 2K** and 4K RAW recording.

New Battery and Charger

The F5 and F55 cameras take advantage of Sony’s new BP-FL75 battery pack, which uses Olivine—Lithium Iron Phosphate—instead of conventional Lithium Ion cathodes. The result is a substantial increase in charge-discharge cycles, compared to previous Sony batteries. The Olivine battery works with Sony’s new BC-L90 quick charger. The new battery supports outstanding mobility for field shooting, enabling two times higher speed charge than current charger and up to 150 minutes consecutive shooting.

The F5 and F55 cameras are also compatible with Sony’s BP-L80S, L60S, GL95A and GL65A batteries, which use the BC-L70 and L160 chargers.

Shoulder rig
Delivering advances in ergonomics specifically requested by working cinematographers, the F5 and F55 can optionally be fitted with Sony’s newest shoulder rig for extra stability and comfort in shoulder-mount applications. The rig is sturdy, lightweight and uses industry-standard rosettes on both sides for quick and easy attachment of third-party hand grips and other accessories.

Pricing and availability
The new cameras are planned to be available in Australia and New Zealand from February 2013, with suggested list pricing to be announced.

* 2K/QFHD for F55 and 2K for F5 will be available with firmware version up.
**High frame rate higher than 60fps will be available with firmware version up.

Posted by xdcam on 2012/10/16 23:00:00 (746 reads)

Sony currently has several great bonus offers for purchasers of the popular NXCAM professional camcorder range.

· Buy an HXR-NX70P or HXR-NX30P camcorder and get a free ACC-V1BP Accessory Kit, valued at $275!
The Accessory Kit contains a high capacity NP-FV100 battery, which provides power for over 6 hours, plus an AC-VQV10 dual slot fast charger/AC adapter.
Both camcorders have 96GB of inbuilt memory, recording AVCHD at up to 28Mbps with the facility to also use removable memory cards, plus a variety of professional features such as timecode, XLR audio inputs and uncompressed audio recording. In addition, the HXR-NX70P is uniquely dust and rain-proof making it ideal for tough shooting environments, while the ultra-compact HXR-NX30P features extremely powerful image stabilisation and an inbuilt projector, allowing footage to be easily viewed and shared.

· Buy an HXR-NX5P camcorder and get a free twin-pack of NP-F970 batteries plus free 32GB SD memory card, total bonus value of $545!
Loads of additional power plus a Sony SF32UX Class 10 SD memory card will keep you shooting with the HXR-NX5P, Sony’s biggest selling NXCAM model.
With a 20X zoom lens and full professional feature set, the HXR-NX5P also has a new lower price.

The above bonus offers are available from now until the end of December, or while stocks last.

· Buy an NEX-FS100 and claim a bonus lens adapter!
Open up a whole world of creative shooting opportunities with this superb interchangeable lens Super35mm camcorder. Purchase an NEX-FS100P or NEX-FS100PK before the end of October and claim a free Sony LA-EA2 A-mount lens adapter valued at $399 or a free Metabones EF lens Smart adapter valued at around $450.

These offers are available through any Sony Authorised Content Creation Dealer (Link: )
Promotion details available at
For product details, see

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