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SONY PRESS RELEASE : XDCAM HD422 Camera and Field Gear
Posted by xdcam on 2012/10/3 3:42:12 (778 reads)

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Sony strengthens its top-of-the-line XDCAM HD422 range with
high performance handy camcorder and SxS field gear
Sydney, 2 October 2012 –

Sony has expanded its XDCAM HD422 format with the addition of a new PMW-150 handy camcorder equipped with 1/3-inch type Exmor™ Full HD 3CMOS sensors plus a 20x zoom lens, and the PMW-50 SxS field gear. The new equipment offers strong support for all broadcast and production operations, with enhanced workflow convenience and high performance features that meet the diverse and demanding needs of all industry professionals.

In response to the growing importance of the HD422 format in broadcast operations due to workflow and picture quality, Sony has been progressively expanding the XDCAM HD422 line-up. As part of this, the PMW-150 handy camcorder, equipped with 1/3-inch 3CMOS sensors, joins the established family of HD422 memory camcorders. The family includes the PMW-500 shoulder camcorder that is already widely-used in broadcasting and production, the PMW-200, equipped with 1/2-inch 3CMOS sensors and successor of the renowned PMW-EX1R flagship handy camcorder, plus the high-quality PMW-100 light-weight handy camcorder equipped with a 1/3-inch single CMOS sensor. Together, these cameras form a formidable line-up which bears all the hallmarks that have made Sony the trusted choice of professionals – unrivalled picture quality, superb build and an array of breakthrough features.
“With fast file-based operation and outstanding picture quality, XDCAM HD422 products are ideal for applications such as news gathering, when speed is a key concern. They become invaluable when a high-quality impression is crucial, for example in the production of TV dramas, documentaries, mainstream entertainment programs and corporate work,” said Anthony Kable, Senior Product Manager for Content Creation with Sony Australia & New Zealand. “We’re also looking ahead to continuously improve the line-up with a HD422 recorder for studio use in the pipeline.”

PMW-150 Handy Camcorder
The PMW-150 is equipped with 1/3-inch type ExmorTM Full HD 3CMOS sensors and offers high sensitivity and low noise compared to other 1/3-inch type camcorders. It comes armed with a 20 times zoom lens with focal length 29.5 ~ 590mm (35mm equivalent) plus offers wide angle shooting with the addition of an optional wide converter VCL-HG0872, making it versatile for event productions, documentaries and more. The lens is equipped with three independent rings for focus, zoom and iris adjustment with full manual control, plus an image stabilising function with shift lens mechanism.

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XDCAM NEWS : Scene Files For FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2012/9/22 5:04:52 (790 reads)

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AbleCine have produced a series of scene files for the FS-700.
Input them manually or via a download to an SDHC card.

See their BLOG for all the details.

Sure would be nice to see Sony produce some of these files as well. It's one of the 'most requested' items for cameras that come via this site.

Posted by xdcam on 2012/9/11 22:00:00 (792 reads)

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From now until the end of December 2012, Sony is offering a bonus with the popular HXR-NX70P dust and rain-proof NXCAM professional camcorder....

· Buy an HXR-NX70P camcorder and get a free ACC-V1BP Accessory Kit, valued at $275!

The Accessory Kit contains a high capacity NP-FV100 battery, which can power the camera for over 6 hours, plus an AC-VQV10 dual slot fast charger/AC adapter.

This offer is available through any Sony Authorised Content Creation Dealer
For product details, see

SONY PRESS RELEASE : New Possibilities with Sony NEX-FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2012/8/14 7:20:27 (998 reads)

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Sydney, 14 August 2012 – An audience of video and television professionals packed out an Auckland studio in late July, breaking into applause as they were treated to images from one of the first Sony NEX-FS700 cameras delivered in Australasia.

The footage was shot and presented by Tim Pierce, a Queenstown-based cinematographer and director who attained his reputation capturing imagery of some of the world’s most talented athletes for major global clients, and more recently directing television commercials.

The Super Slow Motion capability of the Sony NEX-FS700 revealed an unexpected gracefulness to snowboard maneuvers and drew attention to otherwise unnoticeable details such as the extreme flexing that the boards themselves undergo.

Pierce commented, “Super Slow Motion opens a new creative toolbox that allows me to highlight certain elements which are missed when action flashes past the camera at normal speeds.”

The new camera extends the line-up of Sony NXCAM interchangeable E-mount professional camcorders and is centred on a new Exmor™ Super35 CMOS 4K sensor, and is capable of recording up to 145 minutes of normal speed AVCHD at 28Mb/sec to a 32GB memory card.

Before the NEX-FS700 camera, slowing action by any more than about half speed was the preserve of high-end specialist cameras, but the new camera will shoot up to 200 frames per second (fps) which is 8x super slow motion at Full HD for 50Hz productions. Speeds up to 960 fps can be reached at reduced resolution.

Pierce said, "I have mainly been shooting at around 200 fps, in 1920 x 1080 HD. At 200 fps you get just under twelve seconds recording time offering a full 90 seconds of playback at normal speed.”

A bonus of high speed shooting is that handheld action shots are smoothed, a difference graphically illustrated by Pierce with handheld helicopter to helicopter footage that dramatised the tenuous grip that thin rotor blades have on the air.

Pierce says he has yet to try the auto focus function because his existing lenses don't have that capacity, but points to the design of the camera's Sony E-mount which encourages the widest range of third party lens adaptors for virtually any large sensor lens. However, he says focusing is critical with a large sensor camera and the expanded focus function on the NEX-FS700 LCD touch screen has proved its worth.
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Discussing his love of the large sensor look, Pierce said, “Like many filmmakers I often find myself shooting action sports or documentary footage single-handedly. This is where the compact size, quick set up and convenient ergonomics of the Sony NEX-FS700 give me confidence in the audio and video configuration, leaving me free to concentrate on what is happening in front of the camera.”

Pierce finds the post process equally trouble free, with a simple import of the AVCHD footage straight into the timeline in his edit suite.

To test the low light performance of the camera Pierce shot sequences at ISO 1600 to 2000 without any noise concerns, and he warned the audience at the event that he was deliberately seeking a grainy look in his footage of artist and illustrator Bel Jones, posted on Vimeo. The clip generated renewed applause for its unique super slow motion shots of the artist's long hair flowing like water.

In a business sense, Pierce says the professional NEX-FS700 camera impresses clients more than DSLR, even before they see the footage. Depending on the look, he intends to make full use of it on a variety of shoots, supplementing the onboard codec with off-board recorders when the client requires a broadcast quality data stream.

Thanks to the camera's Exmor™ 4K sensor, in the future the off-board recording through the 3G-HDSDI output will be boosted to 4K, a move designed to protect the value of the investment in a world where cameras are rapidly advancing.

However, even right now, out the box, for Pierce the camera is a simple value proposition. He concludes, "The price point of this camera has given me the opportunity to create images that I otherwise would not have been able to even contemplate."


XDCAM NEWS : Sony Invite for FS-700 in Melbourne
Posted by xdcam on 2012/8/14 7:10:00 (707 reads)

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Recap for Melbourne evening:
Tuesday 28th August, 2012
6:00pm for pre-event drinks
6:30pm start
8:30pm finish
Leonda by the Yarra
2 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn
RSVP by Friday 17th August to

XDCAM NEWS : Sony Invite for FS-700 in Sydney
Posted by xdcam on 2012/8/14 7:03:20 (563 reads)

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Thursday 30th August, 2012
6:00pm for pre-event drinks
6:30pm start
8:30pm finish
Shoot Studios 16 – 18 Carlotta Street Artarmon
RSVP by Thursday 23rd August to

SONY PRESS RELEASE : The Not So Secret PMW200 Is Out!
Posted by xdcam on 2012/7/27 0:10:00 (1031 reads)

So hard to keep a secret these days with Twitter spoilers, one of the worst 'secrets' this year is the release of Sony's PMW-200. A long wait but highly anticipated - I think they've done well with this one. MH

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Jul 26, 2012
The PMW-200 produces high quality images with three 1/2 -inch type sensors, offers seamless HD422 workflow and includes a range of features ideal for HD broadcast production

Sydney, 27 July 2012 – Sony today unveiled a new addition to its XDCAM HD422 line-up – the PMW-200, the only handheld camcorder in its class equipped with three 1/2 -inch Exmor™ CMOS sensors and broadcast quality full HD 4:2:2 50Mbps recording. The new PMW-200 handheld camcorder inherits the proven versatility of the PMW-EX1R which is recognised as the industry standard within its class. The three 1/2 -inch sensors allow the camcorder to perform exceptionally well, even in challenging lighting conditions, producing stunning HD images.

Designed using Sony’s advanced sensor technologies and decades of experience, the PMW-200 answers the industry’s desire for a compact 4:2:2 50Mbps camera that utilises three 1/2 -inch type sensors. With most other handheld cameras in the market featuring smaller 1/3 -inch type sensors, the PMW-200 is unique in delivering outstanding image quality at FullHD resolution, while providing excellent sensitivity to capture greater detail under all lighting conditions. In addition, a variety of recording formats such as MXF 50Mbps/35Mbps, MP4 35Mbps/25Mbps and DVCAM are available for integration into a wide range of applications and workflows.

The PMW-200 builds on the hugely popular PMW-EX1R from Sony’s XDCAM family – going a step further with enhancements like MPEG HD422 50Mbps recording for superior picture performance, while retaining the same ease of use and form factor.

“With the new PMW-200, we are releasing one of the most versatile handheld camcorders ever developed into the market,” said Anthony Kable, Senior Product Manager, Sony Australia. “The PMW-200 combines exceptional picture quality, seamless HD422 workflow and many other powerful features in an ergonomically-intelligent form factor. The result for users is an agile, light-weight solution that meets their varied needs and can also be the perfect partner for XDCAM 422 shoulder mount camcorders.”

The PMW-200 also offers a powerful ‘Slow & Quick’ motion function which enables capture at 1 fps to 60 fps in 720p mode, and from 1 fps to 30 fps in 1080p mode, providing numerous creative possibilities. Furthermore, the images can be played back and edited immediately after shooting without requiring any conversion or processing on non-linear editing systems, making it faster to get your project completed.
'Read on" for more

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Posted by xdcam on 2012/7/19 2:38:47 (708 reads)

Sony introduces new lavalier and stereo microphones
Sydney, 19 July 2012
– Sony Australia has announced the availability of two new professional microphones for the production and broadcast markets – the ECM-FT5 flat lavalier microphone and the ECM-MS2 short stereo microphone.
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The ECM-FT5 joins Sony’s well-regarded range of lavalier microphones, that includes the industry standard ECM-77 and ECM-88 models. The ultra-miniature ECM-FT5 features a flat design with a slim 4.9-mm profile, designed to be easily concealed under clothing, while its sleek contours help prevent noise pick-up from garments. Its frequency response incorporates a high frequency peak to enhance speech intelligibility, particularly when covered by fabric.

The ECM-FT5’s metal body offers increased durability and improved audio quality by cutting vibration and resonance. Another advantage of the metal construction is it shields the microphone, blocking RF noise interference. A moisture-repellent screen covers the mic aperture to help prevent sweat and dampness from entering the case.

The ECM-FT5 comes in three versions to fit seamlessly into existing audio solutions:
- ECM-FT5B is fitted with an XLR connector, for use in cabled applications such as news desks
- ECM-FT5BC is fitted with a 4 pin SMC-9 connector,
for use with Sony’s well established WRT series analogue wireless transmitters, as well as the forthcoming DWX digital wireless range
- ECM-FT5BMP is fitted with a locking miniplug, for use with Sony’s UWP series wireless products 

The ECM-FT5 is supplied with tie clip, taping mount, windscreen and carry case.
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Sony's ECM-MS2 stereo microphone is ideal for on-camera applications and is compatible with a wide range of camcorders from across the XDCAM, NXCAM and HDV ranges. It is designed for situations where it is important to capture the stereo ambience of a scene in high quality, with the ease and convenience of a camera-mounted microphone.

The microphone measures 137mm, making it ideal to fit a range of handheld camcorder models without protruding into shot, and features a metal body producing high sound quality in a compact, durable design. Left/Right output is via two XLR connectors and mono operation is available by cutting off the phantom power supply to the right channel.

The ECM-MS2 is supplied with a furry-type windscreen to suppress strong wind noise in outdoor shooting. A cable tie is also supplied, to fasten the unplugged microphone cable during mono operation.

Both the ECM-FT5 and ECM-MS2 are available from July 2012, through Sony professional dealers in Australia and New Zealand..

XDCAM NEWS : Bits and Piecers for the FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2012/7/7 1:44:58 (817 reads)

AbleCine has listed an array of lenses and accessories fot the NEX-FS700 on their tech blog.
A pretty comprehensive list that also includes 4:2:2 recorders.
Check it out HERE

SONY PRESS RELEASE : Over 10K of Sony OLED Monitors Delivered
Posted by xdcam on 2012/6/27 21:57:07 (538 reads)

Sony secures leadership position in OLED technology with over 10,000 monitors delivered

Sydney, 20 June 2012
– Sony announced deliveries in excess of 10,000 units globally for its TRIMASTER EL™ OLED range of monitors, confirming Sony’s position as the leading OLED manufacturer in the professional display market.

Customers of Sony’s OLED monitors include Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Gearhouse Broadcast, Global Television, Seven Network and Nine Network in Australia, MediaCorp in Singapore and Astro in Malaysia.

Anthony Kable, Senior Product Manager, Content Creation at Sony Australia and New Zealand said, “Sony’s TRIMASTER EL OLED monitors have been enthusiastically welcomed by the broadcast and production industries, garnering praise for unrivalled picture quality and integrated functionality.

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