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XDCAM NEWS : FS700R Rumours
Posted by xdcam on 2013/8/14 4:50:12 (319 reads)

An interesting rumour from the SonyAlphaRumours site:
SR5) New NEX-FS700R and NEX-FS700RH camcorders to be announced soon too. -
Take it for what it is worth :)

XDCAM NEWS : RAW Recording For FS700 in July
Posted by xdcam on 2013/5/16 11:01:04 (384 reads)

July will see the upgrade and new firmware for the FS700. It will come at a cost though. I've heard $600 for the Sony service fee.
More details on the upgrade at PVC

XDCAM NEWS : Everything You Need to Know - The FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2013/4/17 21:42:47 (376 reads)

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Sony Pro have produced a series of videos from NAB, this one on the FS700 - have a look why it's the best camera for buck (and 4K to boot)?
Mike DesRoches, Sony Sales Support Engineer explains its applications.

XDCAM NEWS : What Now For The FS-700?
Posted by xdcam on 2012/12/19 20:30:00 (569 reads)

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Interesting article on why you shouldn't dismiss the Sony FS700. It still ranks as one of the best cameras released this year.
Full Story: REDSHARK

XDCAM NEWS : Scene Files For FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2012/9/22 5:04:52 (789 reads)

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AbleCine have produced a series of scene files for the FS-700.
Input them manually or via a download to an SDHC card.

See their BLOG for all the details.

Sure would be nice to see Sony produce some of these files as well. It's one of the 'most requested' items for cameras that come via this site.

XDCAM NEWS : Sony Invite for FS-700 in Melbourne
Posted by xdcam on 2012/8/14 7:10:00 (707 reads)

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Recap for Melbourne evening:
Tuesday 28th August, 2012
6:00pm for pre-event drinks
6:30pm start
8:30pm finish
Leonda by the Yarra
2 Wallen Rd, Hawthorn
RSVP by Friday 17th August to

XDCAM NEWS : Sony Invite for FS-700 in Sydney
Posted by xdcam on 2012/8/14 7:03:20 (563 reads)

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Thursday 30th August, 2012
6:00pm for pre-event drinks
6:30pm start
8:30pm finish
Shoot Studios 16 – 18 Carlotta Street Artarmon
RSVP by Thursday 23rd August to

XDCAM NEWS : Bits and Piecers for the FS700
Posted by xdcam on 2012/7/7 1:44:58 (817 reads)

AbleCine has listed an array of lenses and accessories fot the NEX-FS700 on their tech blog.
A pretty comprehensive list that also includes 4:2:2 recorders.
Check it out HERE

XDCAM NEWS : XDCAM Tranfer Software for FCP X
Posted by xdcam on 2012/4/17 21:01:24 (837 reads)

Sony have released software for EX SxS import plug in for FCP X as well as updating to V2.1 of the XDCAM Browser.
It would appear both software releases were delayed till V2.04 of FCP X.
Please read the 'Known Issues' paragraphs of the following link.
Download site.

Posted by xdcam on 2012/4/1 5:10:00 (710 reads)

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Didn't expect this one.
Check it out at CVP
and at
Oh...are those 'sitting ducks' on the examples of shots!

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